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NSO websites network

Most National Statistics Offices (NSO) websites have been using Joomla in the past, and many have expressed their wish to move to WordPress content management system. SPC’s Statistics for Development Division (SDD), who provides support to the majority of NSOs across the Pacific, has addressed this request.

During the NSO Web Admin workshop in September 2019, SDD introduced the NSO network project, which is based on WP Multisites and the new NSO Theme for WordPress.

What is this blog about?

This blog provides news and tips about using WordPress with the NSO Theme and a selection of specific plugins. However, it is not limited to offices who are using WordPress and the NSO theme, as many articles also deal with online statistical data dissemination in general.

Why move to WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) around the world, due to its simplicity of use, low cost, and large community of developers providing plugins and maintaining the security of the system.

What are the pros of joining the NSO network?

The WordPress multisites setup for NSOs (aka NSO network) provides templates and plugins developed and/or selected specifically to answer NSOs’ needs, with special focus on statistical data dissemination and publication of reports.

By joining the NSO network, your website can be hosted on SPC’s reliable and secure cloud servers. This service is free for SPC member countries.

Last but certainly not least, all websites hosted on SPC server are maintained by our web developer, who makes sure your wordpress is never out of date and always kept secure. This allows NSO web administrators to focus on publishing content instead of spending time on maintenance tasks.

What are the limitations?

NSO web administrators can manage users, pages, posts, and most preferences and settings. Themes and plugins are managed by SDD administrator, who will firstly check compatibility before installing new ones (when requested).

Most importantly, while SPC provides support and training, data, reports and generally all content published online remain the full responsibility of each NSO.

How to join the NSO network

Several countries have already joined the NSO network, by moving from Joomla to WordPress or simply updating their existing WordPress website.

Any member of the Pacific Community is welcome to join the project, but be reassured that SDD supports all SPC members, whereas they decide to be part of the new NSO network or keep updating their exisiting website, using WP or Joomla.

Please contact us for more information.

Can I move my website and host it somewhere else later?

Absolutely. NSO Web administrators can get a backup of their website at anytime, and move it to another server if they want to. However, by doing so you will have to cover the costs for hosting services and annual licences for non-free WP themes and plugins.